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Default Re: Manufacturer Name in products_list.tpl

okay use the following

BEFORE in Product.php

PHP Code:
# Assign the current location line


PHP Code:
$thisManufactorer $product_info["manufacturerid"];  
$manufacturer func_query("SELECT xcart_manufacturers.*, xcart_images_M.image_path, xcart_images_M.filename FROM xcart_manufacturers, xcart_images_M WHERE xcart_manufacturers.manufacturerid = AND manufacturerid = $thisManufactorer");  

and the following in you template

PHP Code:

to show logo and link to manu in product page add the following to the template (extra option)

PHP Code:
<a href="manufacturers.php?manufacturerid={$product.manufacturerid}"> <img src="image.php?id={$product.manufacturerid}&type=M " alt="{$manufacturer}/></a
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