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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

Originally Posted by cflsystems
So GDPR says you have to get consent from EU customers. If you use any way of identifying where any customer is coming from (country specific based on IP location) without first asking this customer if it is ok to do that - isn't this technically a breach?
Another reason why we posted our testing review on the current free XC5 GDPR Module (aka the dog's breakfast) and why IP location plays no part whatsoever within the suggestions that we then posted for a re-worked version of the free XC5 GDPR Module
Originally Posted by cflsystems
The fact is in order to show message/save cookies for particular group of customers only you have to identify them first. While the IP may not be consider personal info it is still something that is tied to particular customer or his/her location. This basically forces every site to show consent yes/no to all customers in order to get permission for any further cookies/tracking
Yep, we've included this factor within the suggestions we posted. i.e. by default, the cookie pop-up warning / consent note is shown to all visitors BUT it can be completely switched off by XC admin (unlike with the current free XC5 GDPR Module when used on its own...)

There still has to be this freedom of choice for store owners and their approach. It's NOT an Orwellian XC1984 that we're all using
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