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Default Re: Gdpr - upcoming law for European merchants

After some more testing in our Dev Store, what's become clear (to us anyway) is this:

1) The free XC5 GDPR Module will work when installed on its own yes, but... it has compromised functionality. A little reminiscent of a Chocolate Fireguard...

2) Using just the XC5 GDPR Module, the cookie-pop up on/off switch in settings is ineffective i.e. It serves no purpose whatsoever, because it does not function. Cookie pop-ups are always displayed regardless.

3) If the XC5 GDPR Module is installed AND the free XC Geolocation Module is installed, then the XC5 GDPR Module cookie-pop up on/off switch in settings does (finally) begin to function-ish

4) However, this is subject to: a) ensuring that the Display location select widget is switched on in the settings section of the XC5 Geolocation Module AND b) selecting each country that a cookie pop-up is desired for (otherwise cookie pop-ups will not be displayed at anytime, regardless of the cookie-pop up on/off switch in settings of the XC5 GDPR Module in our example testing...

Further to 4) above, Obviously, it is only Countries that are enabled as "live" within XC Admin (Countries, states, zones) that physically appear within the widget provided drop down box and are then selectable for Yes to a cookie-pop up status... The normal GDPR notifications / tick boxes are applied to any country by default by the XC5 GDPR Module at present unfortunately...with no way of altering that at all, within settings in the XC5 GDPR Module.

This is effectively what we referred too when we previously said "...If you must use Module A just to make Module B work, that's a clear example of why Module A is far from ideal and could be better prepared surely?" and to which @cflsystems commented on in POST #148 in this very thread.

We don't have XC4 anymore, so can't accurately comment on what the GDPR setup is like there, but from posts in this thread where people are using it, it does appear to be a lot more configurable when used on it's own not dependent on additional XC4 'add-ons' in order to function correctly (It appears to be PHP module dependent yes, but that's easy by comparison and free...)

Our current feeling is that XC5 GDPR Module is not finished yet and/or suitable for accurate configuration by XC5 Admin in it's current state. It is dependent on the XC Geolocation Module being installed (which is a major own-goal we think) and this additional module is pure comedy (we think) when the costs of maintaining/updating the module's accuracy are also factored in. Have a quick look at these COSTS from Maxmind... Really? That's feeling like the aforementioned Module C to us

Disappointing that XC5 appears to be way behind XC4 in making this functionality available, easily configurable and fit for purpose via a solo "add-on". Maybe this particular module can be re-designed soon, so that all those XC5 storeowners who have no need or desire to run any additional, cash-cow-style modules, just to achieve functionality, will have free choice not to do so? Harsh but fair we think
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