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Default Re: Abandoned Cart Reminder module released

Originally Posted by Mr. G
I've found two issues with ABCR. The first is a serious one, IMHO.

1. It is sending more than the specified number of notifications.
1.1. On /admin/configuration.php?option=Abandoned_Cart_Reminder, set "How many notifications should be sent" to 1.
1.2. In /admin/abandoned_carts.php if the admin selects an abandoned cart and then clicks the "Send notifications to selected cart owners" button (manual notification), then one notification is sent, and no more should be sent. But, incorrectly, ABCR is sending a second (automatic) notification.

2. Cart contents missing when creating order in ABCR.
2.1. On /admin/abandoned_carts.php click the Create order button, and a new customer record is created with the data the customer entered.
2.2. Go to the customer record, and click the "Operate as this user" link. You will see that the shopping cart is empty. It should be populated with the abandoned items.

But, for every customer who saves a registration, then abandons cart, when admin clicks the "Operate as this user" link, the shopping cart correctly has the abandoned items.

Please fix these issues.

I'm sorry for the delay in answering to you. I've just noticed this message while reviewing the thread.

I failed to reproduce these issues on a stock X-Cart version. We've updated the module recently. Please make sure that you are using the latest version.

If the problems still exists after module update please create a new support ticket with the reference to this thread and we will check this out for you.

Thank you.
Alexander Dyachkov,
Director of Customer Success
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