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Default Re: X-Payments transfer to other server with upgraded store

> Is the upgrade to 1.0.6 required for correct functionality of the X-Payments
> Connector in the 4.6.4 upgraded store, or can it work with 1.0.4 version?

It is recommended. We did not test the new connectors with X-Payments versions earlier than 1.0.6. Besides 1.0.6 has many bug-fixes vs 1.0.4

> Does this upgrade need a payed licence?

Every owner of X-Payments 1.x downloadable license has free access to all versions within 1.x branch. 1.0.6 is the last version we developed in 1.x branch.

> I don't seem to find 1.0.6 version in my File Area.

I advise you to contact our CR reps via your HelpDesk account regarding this.
Sincerely yours,
Alex Mulin
VP of Business Development for X-Cart
X-Payments product manager

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