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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.12 released

Originally Posted by aim

You are right, I have added the query intentionally.

You can safely ignore the error in the log files.

To remove duplicates do the following steps:
0) Make a DB backup. (Especially the xcart_modules table)

1) Find the duplicates
select module_name,moduleid,active,author,tags from xcart_modules order by module_name, moduleid;

2) Remove the duplicates that have the highest moduleid by using the query
DELETE FROM xcart_modules WHERE moduleid IN (id1,id2,id3);

3) After that add the UNIQUE INDEX
ALTER TABLE xcart_modules ADD UNIQUE KEY `module_name` (`module_name`);
to prevent future problems.

Thank you.
Sorry, it has been a while since I've had time to continue the 4.7.12 upgrade.
I'm getting the following error when running the ALTER TABLE query:
Error in query (1061): Duplicate key name 'module_name'

module_name is already an INDEX, should that be changed to UNIQUE?
X-Cart 4.7.12
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