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Default WorkingmanSoftware USPS Integrator

Does anyone know if the workingman site is down? I can't get to it. I recently purchased Nate's integrator software, installed the linux end of it, and did not get to the windows end of it until today. The only documentation I know of his website, which I can't get to. So I am stuck.

If anyone knows, and can answer some issues:

- The files are installed on the server and the wm_endicia2.php script was run successfully. But there is no USPS shipping method showing on the site. The various USPS methods are 'Active' in the xcart shipping methods config. Is there another step, or is something not installed correctly? The real time shipping test only shows Fedex (this is another shipping method that is configured and working OK).

- In DAZzle, I don't see a clue as to how it might interact with xcart. Is there additional configuration for this end of it (over and above copying the files to a windows system)? How do these two exchange data?

Thanks if anyone can help.
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