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Question Re: Recent USPS change

So I have X-Cart version 4.0.15 and I I went to the admin >> patch/upgrade page and tried to apply the first patch, the diff file, which in the X-Cart .tgz file was called DIFF_USPS_40x.txt which got a ton of failure flags colored red. I tried renaming the file mod_USPS.php but it still gave me a bunch of red flags:

Status legend:
OK - file ready to patch,
checksum error - patch contents is corrupted,
non-writable - please give those files a write permissions,
not a file - the target is not a file,
not exists - file is missing,
could not patch - patch cannot be applied to this file automatically because it was significantly modified, the patch for this file should be applied manually,
already patched - file was already patched.

Files which are not exists and already patched will be ignored.

So... does that mean that the patch isn't necessary? Would it be more effective to just FTP something with Filezilla?

I haven't tried the SQL_USPS_40x.txt file yet. I don't even know if I have to.

Any help? Thanks.
Kelson Herr
Antiphonic Music Co.

x-cart v4.0.15 [win]
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