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Default Re: Rich Google Search Results module released

I need detailed instructions for *** 4.7.3 install *** and I get a link to a page that only mentions all other versions but not 4.7.3 h_Google_Sear..._add-on_module

Also many of the folders in the "skin" of the downloaded Rich Google Search zip file for 4.7.3 are empty???? Is this correct. Seems like the download is missing data. I downloaded it twice same result.

x-rich-gsearch-results-4.7.3/skin/light_responsive/customer/ (empty no files)
x-rich-gsearch-results-4.7.3/skin/ideal_responsive/customer/ (empty no files)
x-rich-gsearch-results-4.7.3/skin/ideal_comfort/customer/ (empty no files)
x-rich-gsearch-results-4.7.3/skin/common_files/customer/ (empty no files)

I search the Xcart form but all info for this MOD is a couple of years old!!

I try and run xxxxxxxxxxxx/install-rich-gsearch-results.php but nothing happens

Can you please make a more concerted effort to give me the info I need to get the product I paid for installed correctly.

Thank You
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