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Default Re: Product options in product list

We've gotten it to at least pass the product options to product list.

What we're basically trying to do, is use the code you added to /products.php in post #12 in this thread. We're using this to show an image that says "Options Available!" over top of the product thumbnails in any product list on our site (we use products_t.tpl). But since New Arrivals and On Sale products are populated in a different area, we can't get it to work with them.

Tried putting the code from products.php into new_arrivals.php and on_sale.php but it didn't work. Though it did work for manufacturers.php (but I think that's because the manufacturers.php product array may be pulled from the same array products.php uses).

See: to view what we are doing.

Right now we have if statements:

{if $product.is_product_options eq "Y"} {foreach from=$product_options item=v} {if $v.options ne '' or $v.is_modifier eq 'T' or $v.is_modifier eq 'A'} {show image div here}... ... ...
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