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Default Re: Review Reminder Email

Originally Posted by carpeperdiem
FYI, this is absent from my installation as well.
My ACR came with 4.5.4 gold plus distribution.
I can confirm that the file that came in 4.5.4 goldplus, looks like this:

line 467
PHP Code:
function func_acr_send_review_reminder($userinfo$products$test_email '') {

But I don't think I am having the same problem. At least my customers have not said anything and I am sending many review reminders daily. I don't recall seeing this issue during testing.

It's recommended to include fixes from my previous post.


Originally Posted by DavyMac
I added $to_customer and $all_languages to the Global declarations and the subject line is still not correct.

Interestingly, when in Test Mode the subject is correct.

I've failed to reproduce this issue (both in test and live mode). If you have applied fix from my previous post with instructions "How to fix wrong encoding in review reminder email?" and issue is still not fixed then I'd recommend to contact with our support team via your Helpdesk account.
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