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Default Re: X-Cart 5.4.0 Public Beta is out

Originally Posted by mvs
No updates to post #20 so far ( I'll keep you updated about next steps
Thanks Max. It should have been a much higher priority than was originally given by XC, so hopefully your "catch up" exercise will resolve that.
Please don't overlook the "Feature Policy" too, which is another applied security measure, similar to the Content Security Policy.
Originally Posted by mvs
Unfortunately, we cannot create a configuration file for Nginx that would work on any server.
Yet many, many different product suppliers CAN and DO!

An easy example to illustrate this, is Plesk. The complete Plesk administrative side, is provided with a self-compiled Nginx package to run and operate this on lots of different server OS packages... Either XC should do Nginx properly (as has been suggested previously) or not at all. Providing a few guessed at, setup *examples* never has been and never will be sufficient.
Originally Posted by mvs
Regarding post #23 (
I'm not sure we can understand the problem remotely... ~~ ...could you please provide more details, configurations files etc
No problem. However before we do, can somebody answer the far more prevalent issue that we posted, i.e. the expired trial licence? That gets in the way of everything at present and needs to be excluded from the data we provide. Do we have to download and setup another public beta release, just to fix this? Or is there a far more simple XC solution to allow competent beta testing?
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