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Default Re: X-Cart v4.7.9: Skrill and PayPal updates, Store Notifications, SEO, Bug Fixes

[*] 21 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148454, B:0048160): Now it is possible to use banner links like /home.php?bid=1&partner=6 or /home.php?bid=1&partner=login when 'Username as login' user authentication mode is used.
[*] 17 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148429): [Amazon Feeds] Changed the 'Health' category. Added DietarySupplements/OTCMedication/PrescriptionEyewear/SexualWellness.
[!] 04 Dec 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148551): [Login with PayPal] did not work. Fixed. Updated paypal/sdk-core-php to the latest 3.4.0 version. [PayPal_Login]
[!] 26 Dec 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148563, B:0048833): [Amazon Pay] did not work correctly with the Maximum allowed total quantity of products in an order / Maximum allowed order subtotal / Minimum allowed order subtotal settings. Fixed.
[!] 29 Nov 2017, aim - Bug (Y:37, B:0145102): [Previously Ordered Products] SQL error. Fixed. [Quick_Reorder]
[!] 27 Nov 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148548 ): [Detailed_Product_Images] Tiny thumbnail cache was generated for all T images if a product did not have a T image. Fixed.
[!] 22 Nov 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148544, B:0048769): [Adv_Mailchimp_Subscription] 'Date Added' was displayed as 'December 1969' sometimes. Fixed. Thanks to Joe Funderburg (Cherie).
[!] 13 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148466, B:0048610): [Socialize] Integration with Pinterest was broken. Fixed. Updated to the latest version.
[!] 21 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148502): [Bongo International/FedEx Cross Border] Changed the endpoint to
[!] 20 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148504, B:0048463): [Advanced Order Management]: Shipping cost was changed to zero if the order was placed with real-time shipping cost calculation. Platinum edition only. Thanks to Isden.
[!] 18 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148501, B:0048503): [MultiCurrency] Changed the URL for Google finance currency converter. One hour timeout added for unsuccessful attempts.
[!] 17 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148474, B:0048357): [Advanced Order Management] Clearing the tax exemption flag on an order with tax exemption did not result in taxes getting applied after the customer address was changed to an applicable zone. Fixed. [AOM]
[!] 15 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148470, B:0048359): [MailChimp] 'Unsubscribed' customers now get resubscribed anyway if they mark a subscribtion on the profile modify page. Fixed the problem when an existing customer could not resubscribe.
[!] 14 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148471, B:0048334): [Amazon Feeds] did not work correctly with international symbols. Also it did not work when there were no variants in the store. Fixed.
[!] 11 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148468, B:0048343): [Special Offers] A free product was not given when there was another special offer with a subtotal condition. Fixed.
[!] 08 Aug 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148465, B:0048211): [Special Offers] A free product is not given now if the order contains only that product and the price of that product satisfies the condition of another subtotal-based offer.
[!] 27 Jul 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148458 ): [Amazon Pay] did not work for United Kingdom/Germany/Japan regions. Fixed. [Pay with Amazon].
[!] 21 Jul 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148455, B:0048202): [Product Options] Fixed a small logic error. Small optimization. Thanks to Vadim Sattarov.
[!] 21 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148439): [New Arrivals] The thumbnails were displayed small in the main column sometimes. Fixed.
[!] 15 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148424): [Feature Comparison] Feature-based search did not work for text fields with quotes. Fixed.

[*] 07 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148490, B:0048436): [Export] Significant optimization of export of ORDER ITEMS; now it is a hundred times faster than it used to be when using a condition for orders section.
[*] 31 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148485, B:0048436): Optimization of child entities export (ORDER ITEMS/DETAILED IMAGES/PRODUCT OPTIONS and so on.)
[!] 04 Sep 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148486, B:0048444): The import procedure changed the add_date field for updated products. Fixed. Thanks to Isden.

[*] 10 Jan 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148568, B:0048989): Sessions for search engines like google bots are no longer created.
[*] 29 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148549): [Benchmark] It is now possible to filter/sort in a benchmark report (can be enabled in
[*] 18 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148524): Small speed-up related to address books.
[*] 09 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148512): Small optimization for sessions affecting stores for which the http/https domains are different.
[*] 20 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148503): [Clean URLs] Optimization related to Clean URLs history. Thanks to Abr.
[*] 14 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148499, B:0113420, B:0131032): [Special offers] Optimization for offers related to categories and products.
[*] 24 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148477, Â:0135964): [Product_Options] Optimization related to product options exceptions. A product with a lot of exceptions could not be saved sometimes. Fixed.
[*] 10 Aug 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148467, B:0048349): [Flyout Menus] Enabling the "Cache the menu" option led to a fatal error and white screen when a lot of languages/memberships were used. Fixed.
[*] 19 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148447, B:0048148 ): Order search performance is now 10x-20x times better for the Admin area.
[*] 13 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148421, B:0046591, B:0047925): [Google Shopping] Problems with Froogle timing out/using too much memory fixed.

[*] 23 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148546): Security improvement related to the 'Thank you for order' page.
[*] 20 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148435): Upgraded htmlpurifier from version 4.8.0 to 4.9.3 (used for untrusted providers and Gift_Registry/XAffiliate modules).
[*] 16 Jun 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148427): PHP password hashing framework updated from 0.3 to 0.5.1 version. There are no backward incompatible changes.
[!] 15 Jun 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148426): [Feature Comparison] Security fixes.
[!] 26 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148531, B:0048636): The "Send to friend" form could be used to send spam even it was disabled. Fixed.
[!] 10 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148513, B:0048590): Security fix related to PayPal.

[*] 05 Jan 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148510): [SEO] Added the ability to use HTTPS for the whole site. Renamed the setting 'Use secure protocol (HTTPS) for login, registration, checkout and payment pages' to 'Use secure protocol (HTTPS)'
[*] 12 Dec 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148557): [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. Some js scripts are now loaded asynchronously. The async mode in smarty load_defer can now be used: {load_defer file="script.js" type="js" async=true}
[*] 14 Nov 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148536): Added robots.demo.txt. See related article at
[*] 26 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148529): [SEO] Force use https as canonical URL if possible.
[*] 24 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148528, B:0046814, B:0046815, S:0130079): [SEO] improvement: Additional 302 redirect is no longer made in some cases: http<->http or clean URLs redirects.
[*] 20 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148509): [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. Autogeneration added for image cashes like images/D.cache.dpicon/ images/T.cache.tinythmbn images/W.cache.pvarthmbn images/C.cache.catthumbn
[*] 17 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148521): [SEO] Removed the obsolete setting 'Redirect customers from HTTPS to HTTP' from the 'Main page :: General settings :: Security ' -> HTTPS options section.
[*] 17 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148519): Updated PHPMailer version from 5.2.24 to 5.2.26 (Stores with the setting 'Use SMTP server instead of internal PHP mailer' enabled are affected).
[*] 17 Oct 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148518 ): Country list updated. Removed 'Netherlands Antilles'. Added 'South Sudan'/'Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba'/'Sint Maarten'.
[*] 15 Sep 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148500, B:0048516): [Socialize] Facebook JavaScript SDK updated to version v2.10.
[*] 28 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148460): Updated PHPMailer version from 5.2.23 to 5.2.24 (Stores with the setting 'Use SMTP server instead of internal PHP mailer' enabled are affected).
[*] 25 Jul 2017, aim - Improvement (Y:148446) PHP 7.2 is now supported.
[!] 11 Dec 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148552): MySQL8.0 critical installation error related to reserved rank/recursive words. Fixed. [MySQL 80 compatible]
[!] 02 Oct 2017, aim - Bug (Y:148507): [X-CloudBackup] White screen/PHP Fatal error: Uncaught DropboxException: v1_retired in modules/XBackup/lib/Dropbox/OAuth/Consumer/Curl.php:119. Fixed.
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