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Default "Alt" text keyword hack.

I wanted to make my <img alt="xxx"> text more keyword rich. The default xcart alt text is the product name, but sometimes the product name does not contain any keywords. So, I pasted in a line of code that also includes the current category name (which should be one of your keywords). The new code will display the alt text as:

alt="Category Name Product Name"

replace your current "product_thumbnail.tpl" with this code

{if $config.Appearance.show_thumbnails eq "Y"}[img]{if $tmbn_url}{$tmbn_url}{else}{if $full_url}{$http_location}{else}..{/if}/image.php?productid={$productid}{if $file_upload_data.file_path}&tmp=y{/if}{/if}[/img]{/if}

Now, the search engines will see extra keywords for every product thumbnail on your page! This really saturates your category pages.

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