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Default Re: X-Cart - reBOOT - Responsive Template

Hi Phil, Great job so far!! I was able to use for a bit while you had the store open yesterday (or day before, can't remember...)

I love the way you worked in the On Sale and New Arrivals. It took me a while to figure out that it's part of the Hot Products Module since I'm using Gold. So I purchased Hot Products today and I'll be inline for reBOOT as soon as it's for sale!

Thank you again! Paul

p.s. I always wondered where was located. I used the reBOOT location link and see you've got connections!
X-Cart GoldPlus v4.7.12 | reBOOT (reDUX) Template | Live
X-Cart GoldPlus v4.7.12 | reBOOT (reDUX) Template | Dev
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