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I can tell you now that the descriptions for Google on the products use the BRIEF description field automatically. I use my brief description field for dimensions, so unless I import descriptions or add them one at a time it fills itself in with the dimensions - no good for google at all.

Each product needs a URL, a product title with some keywords after (the product title will fill in automatically, I use the clean URL module) & a short description for google.
So you need to add the keywords onlto the title it might be Blue T Shirt - Mens Cotton T Shirts for example.

And of course you need to put a description in the brief description. It should be similar to your actual product description & have one or two keywords in it.

For Categories you need a title with some keywords at the end & a short description too (with keywords in it) too.

The meta keywords are not used by Google any more.

Xcart had CDSEO which was great. Xcart 5 is a step backwards in my opinion. I cant find a decent module for SEO at all.
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