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Question Re: X-Cart v4.1.10 released

I am planning to upgrade from 4.1.8 to 4.1.10 and am in the process of installing and testing 4.1.10 now. I am adding some mods and turning on some modules I didn't have in 4.1.8, so I'm doing a fresh install and test while my 4.1.8 store remains live and untouched.

I haven't done much to change anything yet and have only turned on some modules, set up shipping (UPS and USPS), and payment methods (PayPal Pro, etc.). After setting up my PayPal method in test mode, I wanted to try a test order. I allow customers to order with or without registering so I have anonymous checkout enabled and that works fine in my 4.1.8 store. However, in 4.1.10, I tried entering my customer info with no username or password and am getting the invalid username message when I try to continue. There is no asterisk next to the username and password fields, but I'm getting the warning and am not allowed to continue if I leave these fields blank. I am using Fast Lane Checkout in both versions.

EDIT: I found the problem and fixed it. In 4.1.10, the include/register.php file has a test on line 156 that checks to make sure that the username contains only lower-case letters, numbers, and the _ and - characters. This will not be a problem for most users. However, in my config.php file, I changed the anonymous prefix (line 401) from anonymous to Guest because that's what I have in my live store. The G was causing the line 156 test to fail. So I expanded the allowed characters in the username by modifying the preg_match in include/register.php, and my test anonymous checkout went as I wanted. I would have needed to do this anyway since I have current users who originally registered with usernames containing their email addresses, capital letters, etc., and I would like to continue allowing this flexibility.

X-Cart Gold 4.1.8 (Live)
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X-Cart Gold 4.5.2 (Building/Testing)

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