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Default Re: Blocking new users from registering

Originally Posted by cerberuscoins
Xcart have blocked the IP addresses of Tor system which was generating the sign ups.
Good that you've solved your most immediate problem and ironic that it was achieved via blocking the offending IP addresses (as per our 1st post), albeit if they were TOR associated IP addresses, it's never really over... You did post earlier that X-Cart were your hosting company, which was / is a brave move (see other people's threads re: Overpriced & under specced hosting / The very recent catastrophic failure due to them allowing malware / ransomeware on to their own servers Then look what happened to you here... You were offered an up-selling, more profit option first, which you sensibly declined and then finally... they did what any competent proactively hosting company would have done ages ago. It's not been their finest hour...
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