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Default Re: Blocking new users from registering

Originally Posted by cerberuscoins
Xcart advised to purchase recaptcha @ $100
That's just another example of bone idle, pathetic profiteering. It's all gone completely wrong for XC5, ever since 'sell us another dud 'n labs' took over sadly. They are totally clueless, 100% self-focused and only interested in self-aggrandising rubbish... You'll find that all the spineless CEO's / VP's are always uncontactable.
Originally Posted by cerberuscoins
My issue with this is that Ive had to cancel the yearly subscription fees which went from $109 to $396 for a year. I wont be able to update it
You won't be the only one: Theoretically speaking, it's just shameful extortion, which cannot ever even be justified for a (currently) under-performing, badly managed, poorly organised product in the real world
Originally Posted by cerberuscoins
Now looking for a different 'store' after 15+ years
Many others users will be doing the exact same thing. Soon it will be rebranded into something more apt, like Tumbleweed-Cart or Killed-By-The-Lab-Boys or similar
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