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Default Having trouble modifying a smarty variable inside javascript

I have a smarty variable assigned to false. Then within Javascript I will be running a function to return whether that smarty variable should change to true or stay false. At the moment I'm always getting the else portion of the js if statement.

This is a very simple example, but it gets the point across... If the random number generated is 1 change the smarty variable to true otherwise keep it at false.

{assign var= "testB" value= false } <script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> {literal} let randNum = Math.round(Math.random()); if(randNum == 1){ {/literal} "{$testB = true}" {literal} console.log('here'); } else { {/literal} "{$testB = false}" {literal} console.log('here2'); } console.log( randNum ); console.log( {/literal} "{$testB}" {literal} ); {/literal} </script>

When I run console.log() inside the if statements he shows me that it iterates through the if statement correctly, but the smarty variable will always change to false, or whatever I set it to inside the else portion.

So with the above code, if randNum is 1 it will console log 'here', but the smarty variable will be false - or whatever I set it to inside the else.

Thank you all.
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