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Default Development sites and X-Payments?

I currently have licensed sites (see my signature) using licensed x-Payments 1.0.5.

I put x-Payments 1.0.6 on a different directory of the same site as 1.0.5 and tried it with the existing 4.5.3 site. It charged orders ok, but would not return to the site regardless of whether an order was charged or canceled, so I returned the 4.5.3 site back to x-Payments 1.0.5. I'm glad I tested first before committing to 1.0.6.
[EDIT 2013feb20] The lack of a proper return to my site may be related to the 3rd party theme template I use. I later got a successful return at a 4.5.5 test site when the template was off. When on, there were problems.

I now want to troubleshoot X-Payments 1.0.6, but do not want use my live sites to do it.

I set up an unlicensed 4.5.5 development site and would like to test payment systems with live payments, specifically X-Payments 1.0.6 and Paypal Payflow Pro. The site and X-Payments 1.0.6 module test clears and X-Payments sends the payment method list when requested.

Importing the payment method from X-Payments to X-Cart acts like it is working, but no new payment methods appear on the list.

Is this normal for an unlicensed site, am I seeing a bug, or might there be some other problem?

Is it not possible to test payment systems on an unlicensed development site?
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