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Default Re: X-Cart 5.3.4: AMP, Onboarding Wizard, Progressive JPEG, Bug Fixes

Originally Posted by Anna_Shvetsova
Today we’ve released X-Cart 5.3.4.
That's great to hear. There's also an X-Cart forthcoming release listed in the Changelog (but it's not in any non-marketing focused forum posts...) This release has some improvements too, but more importantly, many bug-fixes which are arguably more sought-after initially

Presumably? The upgrade to X-Cart 5.3.3 5 will be required in advance of upgrading to X-Cart which makes good sense and also gives more time to XC and us paying end-users / XC customers, to double check everything carefully first, before moving up to the next branch.
Originally Posted by Anna_Shvetsova
....However, it also comes with several useful features, like AMP skin...
This section is quite ironic We started THIS THREAD 18 months ago, which became a bit exciting later on as different opinions were posted, but the X-Cart response at the time, was POST#10 So it looks like there must have been a re-think / re-design / re-evaluation process since then.

Our own 'cautious' approach, will be to run the X-Cart upgrade process in a dev store and then in a live store (once it's available at Merchant Wave status) and then evaluate X-Cart in detail, in a dev store again, before taking that live. Looking forward to the improvements
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