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Default Re: X-Cart v4.1.10 released

Wow just got the site going with my current version and now an upgrade. I guess my main question is will it break the store as it is now. With mods like telafirmas image mod, one page cart, product meta mod, DSEFU and other custom modifications. Would they make it thru the update?

if not, how would I get all these mods to work again? and if it would break things to that degree, would it be worth at this time for the upgrade.

Thank you for your time.
Regards, Dan
X-Cart Gold Version 4.1.10

1 - One page checkout
2 - Image Generator
3 - CSDEO Pro
4 - Shop By Price
5 - Next - Previous
6 - On Sale
7 - Shop By Price

8 - Froogle & Google Base Feed
9 - Buy Together
10 - Customer Loyalty Points
11 - Customer Reward Points
Customer Reward Points Referral Add-on
12 - Product Reviews
13 - Other Custom Modifications
---------------------- <---- Adult Oriented - Toys
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