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Default Re: Moving xcart 4.7.12 to xcart 5.x

We have an ecwid account - but the one thing we wanted to do - which was product image change when a different colour selected etc cant be done in ecwid unless you go for the business plan which is $35 a month. The venture plan would have been fine for us at $15 but it doesnt allow for product option image variations. Can get around this with a gallery on the product - or create a separate image carousel page and link to that instead (not ideal)

xc5 it seems has it's issues to, but will look into costings. I dont mind the cloud route - but that also has it's risks, as you mentioned.

There is never an easy option. We did look at lots of other options a few years ago, but xc 4 came out as the best available. Maybe time to look around again at presta and the others
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