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Default Re: thexcartstore still alive?

Hi Guys,

The short answer is "Yes", we are still here
Thanks for reaching out - and for the nice comments about our products.

We continue to use x-cart classic on many custom projects for clients but we don't have the time or the resources to invest into creating new products like we used to. To be honest, we're not confident that the market is there - so to invest 4 months creating a new product is a big risk for us.

As you know, the x-cart classic landscape has changed alot in the last 2-3 years - as a result many 3rd party developers are no longer in business or they have changed their focus away from x-cart classic to other platforms (x-cart 5? or competitor carts) to generate new revenue streams.

In our case, we have been focusing more on custom projects, we're still using x-cart classic but working directly with customers that need a custom solution and want us to provide a more "hands on" role in delivering their projects.

We also continue to support our existing customers and continue to upgrade our products as x-cart and php versions change. This in itself is a massive undertaking, when sales for these products are almost zero. We aren't as quick to respond to support these days as our team is smaller and we are focused on other things, but we do still respond (maybe not the same day) but apologies for this - as we do our best to support all previous customers with the resources on hand.

At present:

- All our mods are compatible with PHP 7.0 (and we can make them compatible with PHP 7.1 as a part of custom work if needed)
- FW template and all mods are compatible with X-Cart 4.7.9
- XG, ML, BK, xMobile are compatible with X-Cart 4.7.7, but can be upgraded to 4.7.9 (if right now - as a part of custom work)

If you need anything from us, be sure to email
We don’t spend that much time on the forums here - only to follow up on product news and patch updates, etc. I will keep an eye on this thread.

The xCart - Professional x-cart modules and x-cart templates
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