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Default Product Variants in Product Details Table (4.1.x)

If anyone needs to display product variants to a customer (Available sizes, colors, etc.), then I have a small bit of code that will do just that.

It will also grab the {$v.class} which will display a title (Like color or size) and can easily be modified to your liking. It also has the smarty variable that doesn't display an item for the last array object (ie. a comma). There's an image screenshot of a sample I tested with 4.1.9. It should work with 4.1.x versions of X-Cart.

It will display multiple variables and display them for all available product variants (ie. 1. Colors and 2. Sizes).

In product.tpl, find the 'Product Details' table:
<tr><td colspan="2"><b><font class="ProductDetailsTitle">{$lng.lbl_details}</font></b></td></tr>
Then just add this as an additional row, modify etc.
{foreach from=$product_options item=v} <tr> <td width="120" align="left" valign="top" class="ProductPriceConverting">Available {$v.class}s:</td> <td valign="top"> {include file="modules/Product_Options/check_options.tpl"} {foreach from=$v.options item=o name=variants} {$o.option_name}{if $smarty.foreach.variants.last}&nbsp;{else},{/if} {/foreach} </td> </tr> {/foreach}

Let me know if it can be improved or how you modified it's use with additional functionality. You may need to remove my use of the word "Available <Class>s:" and can better title the variants using the v.class itself. This is just an easy way to say 'Available Colors:" and so forth.

- Mike
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