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Default Re: Social Feeds module released

Originally Posted by cflsystems
Not to bring the joy of this down but I am still vry much reserved about all social feeds on site. I visit many different sites every day and if it is not for doing work on them and they have any social feeds active on the page most of the time I just leave after couple seconds. The reason - page load is slow because of these social sites feeds and they are usually what you first see instead of the contents you are looking for....

It is very frustrating to me as a customer to wait on them and since I am not interested of their tweets but of what they can offer me...

Does this module works so it doesn't slow down page load?

Thank you for your feedback, Steve, it's appreciated. No offense, but I find it a bit "old-fashioned". Mike's positive approach is closer for me. I personally reckon that by bringing some creativity you can elaborate your brand or your store considerably. All social feeds in one place. Easy way to hook a customer.. as we know most of e-shoppers have got accounts in social networks.

Speaking of performance, even if you add an icon or a featured product to your home page it slows down the speed. The question is whether it slows it down dramatically or not. You can test it and see that a page loading time difference is miserable. It loads the first feed, all other feeds are loaded in background.

This sidebar box can be moved wherever a store owner wants, it's not necessarily the first thing a customer sees.
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