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Default Add new products

Testing X-Cart 4.4 and the issue is that i can't get a new product added to site when accompanied by the product image.
After completing the form including the product image i click "apply changes" -- instead of a confirmation page, i get a blank page.
To verify the product was added i use the search options but that product can't be found.

I try adding it again (without images) but this time the interface sates that the product already exist, but who know where because it does not show up in any search results.

I was able to add a new product to the site using X-Cart default image (no image available). I then tried editing the newly added product by adding my images but that did not work either.. (only a black page after applying changes.)

I also tried uploading my own company logo to the /commons folder but that did not work.
So, the issue appears to be with image uploads.

i'm new to X-Cart and perhaps someone can help me figure this one out.


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