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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.10 released

Originally Posted by Sembroidery
For the past few days we're experiencing periodical site outages. Host support staff claim the reason most probably was very high bot activity with bots hitting the site and tying up MySQL queries.
As one of the measures they suggest switching from MyISAM to InnoDB.

Are there any changes in 4.7.10 as compared to 4.7.9 that would cause issues if x-cart is subjected to high bot activity?

Maybe your SEO position has been improved due to some of these changes.

[*] 25 Sep 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148652): [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. CSS Delivery Optimization. Prioritization of visible content. Reduction in the size of the above-the-fold content. [*] 23 Jul 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148676, Y:148675): Optimization for product's widgets like New Arrivals/Bestsellers/Upselling products and so on. [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. [*] 03 Jul 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148675, Y:148676): [Advanced_Customer_Reviews] Huge optimization for customer reviews menu. [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. [*] 22 Mar 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148619): [SEO] Google PageSpeed Insights improvement. Added minification for CSS + JavaScript resources.[ Minify Resources] [*] 22 Aug 2018, aim - Improvement (Y:148687, B:0049702): Cookies are now secure and satisfy the PCI Compliance requirement. Only for stores with configured HTTPS. Thanks to Joe Funderburg (Cherie).

It seems you are in the green zone

Could you ask your hosting for the bot's HTTP_USER_AGENT?
Maybe our XCRobots::getRobotsSignatures() method has to be corrected.
It should help to reduce the amount of MySQL queries.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Ildar Amankulov
Head of Maintenance group
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