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Default Re: Automatically generate google product feed


The possible way to go is

1)Modify the file modules/Froogle/config.php and add a new cron task

$cron_tasks[] = array(
'function' => 'func_froogle_cron_update',
'include' => $xcart_dir . '/modules/Froogle/func.php',
2)Add the function func_froogle_cron_update

The function should include the file modules/Froogle/froogle.php and emulate a regular POST request to create a new feed file.

3) Setup a new cron job according to

Meanwhile, the feature is added in X-Cart 4.7.10
X-cart Ver: 4.7.10 (Linux/Apache)
XCartMods Ultra Template
BCSE Authorize DPM Module
CDSEO 2.2.0
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