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Default Re: Xcart 5 benefits over Classic

I was an early adopter of XC5 and I hated it at first. The first 2 years the automatic update would get stuck at least 50% of the time. Sometimes really bad, I'd be down for days. However, I don't think I've had any lock up during an update in the last year or two, so I do believe that part of it is working great, at least it is for me. Updating is a breeze now.

Product Configurator - I was a big user of that in XC4, that was a sad disappointment and I lost a lot of sales because of the lack of it. They made it sound like I was the only user of it, apparently not.

Just my opinion - I don't know how it is now but migrating from XC4 to XC5 was my worst nightmare. If I had to do it again, I would just start building a fresh version of XC5 in another directory and start from scratch there instead of migrating. Then perhaps you might be able to migrate some stuff like products or customer data or orders, but I doubt it will be completely smooth. Trying to migrate was HELL! A lot less work to start fresh really.
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