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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.10 released

Originally Posted by Dougrun
I'v been having sql errors ever since this update. Today i was locked out of admin after a xcart_sessions_data sql error. Repairing the tables fixed it.

Not sure if it matters but its a InnoDB table. Most of my tables are MyISAM. I'm running 10.2.18-MariaDB

It should be noted that I also updated to the latest MariaDB just before the update

Originally Posted by Sembroidery
Google page speed insight results have in fact improved drastically both for mobile and desktop. Thanks for that!

The most heavily active bots for the past few days were MJ12bot (200K+ hits & 4.8+ gigs), Semrushbot, Baidu, and some others. There are a couple of Unknown bots as well.


I have uploaded a patch to update the bot signatures.

It will prevent xcart_sessions_data table overload.

Thank you.
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