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Default Re: Recharge Broke in 3.1.2 Upgrade

Originally Posted by joestern
I need to be able to recharge credit cards for customers even if they are not logged in. We take deposits from customers and then need to recharge the full amount.

We have been doing this for many years and 3.1.2 seems to have changed this.

Was this intentional or is it a bug?

I do not see the "save this card for future use" option for customers who are not registered and most of our customers choose not to register.

If it is possibly to default to "save this card for future use" for customers who are not registered, how do I do that?

Thank you!

This was intentional because some customers (and even merchants) were not happy that it was done without their consent.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to show "save this card for future use" for anonymous customers without a custom modification.
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