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Default Re: Updated X-Cart 4.x connector for X-Payments

Originally Posted by ambal
> It seems the issue was in using AC OPC - looks like the new X-Payments and
> Connector changes break this checkout, the cart takes orders with the built-in OPC.

Thank you for the update! Yes, we developed updates for stock X-Cart functionality, of course.

But I want to say that I will be happy to coordinate with Bill from AlteredCart regarding our changes in X-Payments connector and making his checkout extensions BFF with X-Payments. Perhaps it is good time now to re-touch base anew regarding this cooperation.

Has there been any news on this front as I am about to install the latest version of X-Payments onto a site that has Altered carts One Page Checkout installed.

I've reached out to Bill as well, but thought I would check here.

Many thanks.
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