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Default Re: Robots Meta Tags

Originally Posted by qualiteam
It is not required to have the Sitemap XML link in your robots.txt
Apparently it is because Google, to name just one, had no idea of my sitemap.

Originally Posted by qualiteam
The recommended way is submitting the link manually. Please check this article:

Also, on the Sitemap XML configuration page there are two checkboxes that will make XC5 inform Google and Bing servers about new sitemaps when you generate them (this is the third method from the link to site above).
Did this on multiple occassions over the last 11 months and yet, again, Google had no record of my sitemap and my robots.txt file still said ""
I'm sure I could submit a bug report or something along those lines about it and then be asked to pay a $99 fee to find out why...

Originally Posted by qualiteam
You may also edit your robots.txt and add the link manually.
That's what I did and everything seems to be working fine now.
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