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Default Re: X-Cart Next is released

Originally Posted by tony_sologubov
If merchants have a problem, they will go to our Support team and we will find out what is the problem exactly (whether it is caused by default XCN functionality or the 3rd party module).

In my experience what has happened to date is this:

- X-Cart support looks in the general vicinity of where the problem may be.
- If a third-party mod is seen, further evaluation is halted and the problem is deferred to the module provider as "X-Cart does not support third-party modification."
- The store owner then comes to me, I evaluate and determine what the issue actually is, and provide details.
- The person goes back to X-Cart support with the details and most often gets deferred back to me yet again.
- It becomes easier for me to just fix the problem for free even though it isn't a result of my modification as I've already had to troubleshoot and find the actual problem.

As an example, last month I had to address a support ticket where the client was told that Admin problems were caused by CDSEO as CDSEO was somehow modifying X-Cart's session information in some complex manner. I evaluated and found the problem to be the result of a broken image in the admin section.
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