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Default Member AND Non-Member price display

Anybody figure out how to display both member AND non-member pricing? I saw another post where somebody was just putting the membership price in the product description and relying on coupons, but that doesn't seem very "automatic".

{include file="currency.tpl" value=$products[product].price}

It seems like this smarty tag could just be modified, but yet not sure - maybe product.php would have to be first?

Here is the SQL statement in product.php that displays the wholesale price - just not sure where to make mods that will work.

$wresult = func_query ("SELECT * FROM $sql_tbl[pricing] WHERE productid='$productid' AND ($sql_tbl[pricing].membership='".@$user_account["membership"]."' or $sql_tbl[pricing].membership='') AND $sql_tbl[pricing].quantity>1 ORDER BY quantity");

Anybody have an answer?>

I'm running 4.0.3 - - - any help is appreciated!

Thanks -
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