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Default Re: Change order of address fields

Hi, a quick glance at the codes suggest that the output comes from


which looks like
{## # Checkout shipping address form #} {% form '\\XLite\\View\\Form\\Checkout\\UpdateProfile' with {className: 'addr ess shipping-address'} %} <ul class="form shipping-address-form"> {% for fieldName, fieldData in this.getAddressSchemaFields() %} <li class="item-{{ fieldName }} {{ fieldData.additionalClass }} clearfi x"> {{ this.displayCommentedData(this.getFieldCommentedData(fieldData)) } } {{ fieldData.widget.display() }} {{ widget_list('checkout.shipping.address.' ~ fieldName, address=this .getAddressInfo(), fieldName=fieldName, fieldData=fieldData) }} </li> {% endfor %} {{ widget_list('checkout.shipping.address', address=this.getAddressInfo() ) }} </ul> {% endform %}

Unfortunately I have been unable to figure out where the widget list checkout.shipping.address is defined. But with a little luck, you an maybe get away just by making sure the array this.getAddressSchemaFields() (which is defined in the view class View/Checkout/AAddressBlock.php) isn't sorted in the theme that outputs address fields in a wrong order.
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