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Default Re: X-Cart 4.7.12 released

Originally Posted by elmirage001
Possible 4.7.12 Issue with New Macs using Edge and Chrome.

My brother-in-law and fellow XC4 user informed me that my site was not displaying properly on his "NEW" Mac using Edge or Chrome. It displayed fine in Safari. All browsers display my site fine on Windows. His "OLD" Mac displayed my site fine on Edge and Chrome.

I tracked it down to the "Use speed-up tool for Javascript" under General Settings. I turned the speed-up tool "OFF" and my site now displays fine on his NEW Mac in Edge and Chrome.

His 4.7.10 site was not affected and displays fine with "Use speed-up tool for Javascript" turned "ON".



Could you post a ticket at ?

Thank you.
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Ildar Amankulov
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