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Default Re: DPM (PA/DSS Compliant)

The issue though is that one piece of software can't make you PA-DSS compliant. The DPM module is just one tool to help you move toward that. also doesn't state that I can see that their SIM integration is also PA-DSS compliant either, yet the whole transaction is taken on their site. The main reason being they can't guarantee anything else about your business process.

This would be the same as X-payments, even if it's does get approved as an application that's PA-DSS complaint, it doesn't make you PCI compliant without reviewing all of your other business processes around credit card transactions and security of your server.

Customers should always rely on their PCI compliance Auditors as to whether they are PCI compliant and whether the applications they are using are PCI compliant. This is one of the reasons we state it helps 'support you to be PCI Compliant including the new PA/DSS standard' It only supports you, it won't certify you.

I hope that clears it up.


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