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Originally Posted by markwhoo
Originally Posted by taltos1
I just wanted to say thank you for this mod. I am working on my first X-Cart site and this is an awesome mod. THANKS!!!!

UPDATE: Got this working fine, but 1 question. I used CopperB code (from page 4 of this post) and I would like to remove the "Product Details" tab, as that is the same exact info that is in the upper portion of the product info. So then the "send to a friend" tab becomes the first tab. I played with the product.tpl file and was able to make the info under that tab go away, but not the tab itself.. any suggestions. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot.

Change the following layout for the tab appearance and names:

Code: <a name="tabs"></a> <ul id="tablist"> [*]DETAILS [*]MORE INFO [*]SEND TO FRIEND [*]REVIEWS {if $product_links ne ""} [*]RELATED PRODUCTS {/if} [/list]
I edited that area and got rid of the "Product Details" tab, the problem now though, is that even though the tab is gone, and "More Info" is the first tab, under that is the text for product details anway?
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