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Default Looking for MOD - let people register for in-store classes

We offer classes in our brick and mortar stores.

We are looking for a mod that would give customers the ability to register for classes via the website. it would be nice if:

- Customers could register and pay for classes.

- Admin can set how many spaces are available & customers can see how many spaces are available in real time (as the class fills).

- Sometimes we have different teachers teach different classes so it would be nice to have a special admin section just for teachers that allows them access to class specific info (like class lists) and allows them to add info like descriptions or prerequisites but does not allow them access to any other store admin functions.

- The terms & conditions for signing up for a class is different than buying a widget so it would be nice to have a terms or disclosure page that the customer clicks their agreement to during the checkout process.

- ?? Can anyone else think of what else would be useful?
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