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Default nope, but...

No, I haven't been that motivated to do it. I've been building some x-cart admin tools that reside completely outside of x-cart so that in the future, when I upgrade x-cart, I don't have to customize the entire admin side of it in addition to the customer front-end. At worst I'll just have to change how a few of my own scripts interact with x-cart, but since I wrote them all, I know it will be easier than modding some of the x-cart code which is just plain difficult in some creating a custom login page. GRRRRRRR. I'm still working on that login problem which I will be posting example code for in the next hour or so. No progress, but I'm simplifying the code to be a generic gateway so you can quickly install and test on your server by just changing a few variables in a config file. It'll be ready shortly so hopefully you'll have time to take a look at it and see if you can see why it doesn't work right.
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