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Default Re: Pure CSS Rounded Boxes! (no images, no tables)

or (for v4.2.x)....

Mods - replaced entire contents to make rounded boxes *} <div class="xrounded{if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}"> <b class="xtop"> <b class="xb1"></b> <b class="xb2 color_a"></b> <b class="xb3 color_a"></b> <b class="xb4 color_a"></b> </b> <div class="xboxcontent {if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}"> <h1 class="color_a" align="center">{if $link_href}<a href="{$link_href}">{/if}{$title|escape}{if $link_href}</a>{/if}</h1> <div class="menu-list content{if $additional_class} {$additional_class}{/if}">{$content}<br /></div> </div> <b class="xbottom"> <b class="xb4 color_a"></b> <b class="xb3 color_a"></b> <b class="xb2 color_a"></b> <b class="xb1"></b></b> </div>

The difference is the "additional classes" and the break tag at the end. Sometimes its needed, and sometimes its not. Yoou can tell you need one if you have a "blank" spot at the bottom of your rounded box.

You can use the same code for your customer/dialog.tpl and customer/menu_dialog.tpl. Just remember, it will screw up your checkout page, the one were it asks if you are a returning customer or a new one. What I did was use the original customer/dialog.tpl (renamed to flc-dialog.tpl) and called it in skin1/modules/Fast_Lane_Checkout/checkout_0_enter.tpl.

You can also change the colors between the two (menu and main page dialog) by adding the classes xboxcontent2 (for the main background) and color_b (use it at the bottom instead of color_a), making them whatever color you choose (everything else is the same).
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