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Default Customizing Sportlife Template #39

We are running X-Cart 5 Business (5.1.6) on Unix (Mac OSX 10.9), 8 GB RAM, 250 SSD drive. The machine is dedicated to this one web site.

We licensed the SportLife Template #39. The templates don't seem to come with any manual for customizing. We can't figure out where to look to find the demo images used in the template so that we can replace them.

Also, our logo, which shows up fine in the default install, now has the lower third covers by the menu bar. Our logo needs to be 100 pixels tall, but even at 75 pixels (which begins to disport the logo graphic), the bottom third is still covered by the menu bar.

How do we modify the template so that the mast head is not compromised by the menu bar?

The site is

Thanks in advance.


License products:
Templates package #39 (SportLife) X-Cart 5.x
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