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Default Re: X-Cart become subscription based, so what should I do?

I wish they would make the decision to offer a "maintenance" or "update" plan for x-cart v4. I would gladly pay a (reasonable) monthly fee for access to updates so that we can at least get php v8 compatibility updates and things of that nature. At this point for v4, I feel like most people aren't necessarily looking for new features, but rather looking for a supported cart.

X-Cart Gold Plus v4.7.12
- php 7.3
- reBOOT reDUX
- other goodies

X-Cart Gold v4.7.7
- reBOOT Template
- XPayments 3.0.2
- Abandoned Cart Reminder
- BCSE Reward Points
- BCSE Stock Notify
- XPDF Invoices
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