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Default Re: Best theme to start with?

Thank you, I figured that was the case (since I was always editing /skin/customer/).

We just bought another XC 4.7.9 license since it doesn't appear 5 is anywhere near ready, much harder to work with, and we can't afford to waste time or resources on errors every time updates are released. Guess that can be looked at down the road but right now we want everything stable and not in a "half-testing" mode where we're the ones that have to constantly debug issues.

Thanks for your reply. Always on point!

Originally Posted by cflsystems
Standard theme is stock and it is updated together with the core. You will not see separate update download.

Crisp White is separate module so it has to be updated when there is core changes which affect anything the theme touches.

You can uninstall Crisp White, you cannot uninstall Standard. There is always one stock theme which is part of XC core - in this case Standard.

You can develop based on either one or have your own completely done from scratch.
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