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Default Backorder / Preorder problems...

I'm not sure why the last thread on this topic was locked but problems remain.

We hare having a few issues with the backorder /preorder module. I put in a ticket for this.

1) Person orders 6 items, of which 4 items are backordered. The remaining 2 items which are NOT backordered, however, are NOT removed from inventory properly - they should be. Changing the shipping status of this order from backordered to shipped doesn't change anything, the 2 items are never removed from inventory. This totally screws up our inventory.

This is causing us major inventory issues because we are running a sale and so far we have over 100 orders and they are mixed up, some of these have backordered items along with non-backordered items within the same order. Why this does not take the inventory of the non-backordered products?

2) As someone else mentioned, under Orders >> Backordered products there is a huge list of orders with backorders pending. The problem here is we used this module LAST year as well, all of those backorders were eventually shipped. However, this list still shows every single order which has ever had a backordered status, even from last year - all of which have been shipped long ago. So now this list is getting extremely huge - there is no pruning or way to remove last year's backorders. Once the order has been shipped and is no longer in backorder status, it should be removed from this list but no.
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