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Default Re: ERROR: "Includes\ErrorHandler::FATAL_ERROR" (code 2) - HELP PLEASE!

Hi Alex

I first reported this to Tony long time ago while he was still working with XC 5.2.x. He even had access to my test installation and it is confirmed the php info reports 256MB yet as you can see from the error some XC procedure "thinks" it is only about 130MB and not enough.

I don't know what it is. All I know is this error shows. Refreshing the screen works ok. I tried increasing memory limit but it always shows this number (or close to it) no matter how much memory limit I have.

Last I heard from Tony was on 8-15-2016 - "I am adding Kirill Stadler - head of X-Cart development - to our communication and he will look deeper into the problem."

I am very confident it is something within the XC code. Whether this is XC alone or related to certain server configuration I can't tell.

I don't believe there is a bug report or ticket open for this but I am sure Tony or Kirill can pass on the info to you.
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