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Default Re: X-Payments 1.0 beta5 announcement

Originally Posted by ambal
> I have just downloaded and installedthe official release of x-payments
> and have set the LUYN option above to "Y" and I am still getting the
> issue that this was supposed to have fixed. Do we still have to apply
> this patch if we are using the actually Released non-beta version.

No, you do not need to apply the patch if you see that option. It means you downloaded software package with the patch applied already.

Set "Y" there and you'll disable LUHN check.

UPDATE: I just noticed you say you still get the issue despite of the option being enabled. I advise you to contact our techs for help either using your HelpDesk account at or at

I contacted support and they told me to download the new 1.01 version. I had already installed the fully released 1.0 version that still did not work for me so I finally did another full install of the 1.01 version and it worked for me.

Everyone if you installed the official release of 1.0 yesterday they updated to a new 1.01 release later in the day so you may want to go with that one.
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